Moog Florin is a twenty-something one stop shop for books, “lifestyle”, and lesbian difficulties.

In less third person, here’s some more about me!

I’m Moog and I live in London with my wife (lovely) and an octopus (stuffed). I like stickers, Victorians, and coffee. Here there be sadly no actual dragons but a lot of fantasy books, because if you tipped my bookshelves over there would be a sea of fantasy and historical books with queer characters in and then I would just lie down in the book sea and bask like a very specifically pleased whale. I read things and write things and have the worst sense of balance outside of a sitcom character. One time I went to Disneyland and laughed a lot while pretending to be Captain Flint:

ooc flint

The other day at Day Job, I had to come with an interesting fact about me for a team bonding activity, because those apparently happen, and obviously I asked my wife because, like, who can think of facts about themselves off the top of their head? NOT ME. Here are the entirely true gems she came up with:

  • “You were mostly deaf as a child and used to turn your hearing aids off when people were boring.”
  • “You had a ring bear at your wedding.”
  • “You fell over inside a popcorn machine.”
  • “You once called your girlfriend a decorative plant as a compliment.”

Come talk to me about queer characters and Victorians! xoxo, Moog, Probably Falling over Right Now.

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