Unboxing: FairyLoot August 2017!

fairyloot august

You know what’s a good day? Book box arrival day! My August FairyLootΒ arrived a couple of days before I was expecting it, which was a p great way to kick off the bank holiday weekend.

If you’re not familiar with FairyLoot, it’s a YA fantasy monthly book subscription box that comes with one new YA fantasy release and a selection of other bookish things, all fitting a monthly theme. August’s theme wasΒ Otherworlds (which, like, be still my tiny Narnia-loving heart). Let’s get into it!

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go-to self care methods for wobbly days

go-to self care

It has taken some honing but through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered etc I have worked out a few go-to ways to treat myself a bit better if I’m having a hard brain day. I try to incorporate these into day-to-day life generally but if I’m feeling rubbish, or if it’s been a day when everything seems to be on fire (LOOKING AT YOU, THE WORLD AT LARGE), I go out of my way to make sure I do one or more of these, regardless of what else needs doing. Brains before… pains? Sure. Let’s go with that.

None of these are really revolutionary ideas but they are small bits of self-care that I find almost ludicrously helpful. Go team take care!

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June reads needs!

june reads needs title 2

There are so many great books coming out this month! Like. SO MANY. I would hide my purse from myself but lbr I know my card number by heart so unless I can hide my brain too, that’s probably doomed to failure.

Here are four books that you desperately need to read this month. You might say… reads that you… needs… in June. LOOK AT THAT GREAT TITLE WORK.

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